Sharing is Caring, or kid-friendly YouTube channels Part 2

We’ve successfully uploaded our videos!

We’ve chosen the settings to make them unlisted!

Now how do we get them to our carefully chosen audience?

There are a couple of options, all of which I talk about in my new YouTube video this week.

Option 1: Email

This is the easiest option. If you have an email address or a bunch, for that matter, go ahead and copy that URL into the message and the grandparents are quickly and easily granted access to your cinematic masterpiece.

Option 2: Facebook

My latest YouTube tutorial teaches you step-by-step how to set up a private, hidden Facebook group. Invite only the friends you wish, and share your URL as a link in a post—it’s that simple! A fun idea might be to get a group of friends together to make weekly videos—each family shows what they’ve been up to the past week and shares it to the group. Suddenly, quarantine social distancing doesn’t have to make our friends feel so far away.

Option 3: Instagram

I go over how to set up a private Instagram in the video also (and accidentally tell the world wide web my full birthdate), but this is a less straightforward option. In order to share your YouTube video here, your best bet is to type the URL out in the caption of a post. However, Instagram can be a fun option if you have other content you’re looking to share, such as photos or quick 1-2 minute videos for the Stories feature.

It’s nice to have options, isn’t it? Share one way or multiple ways, but keep in mind, anyone who has access to your link will have access to your video. As much as we’re working towards privacy, “secret” is in air-quotes for a reason—nothing on the Internet is actually secret. Anyone with access to the link can share it if they want, so it’s important to have a conversation with your friends and family about your expectations that they not share outside of the parameters you’ve set up.

Click the YouTube tab above to be taken right to my videos. Let me know if you like the tutorial and if it has helped you!

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