Fitness can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be fun! Too many of us bookworms have traumatic images of elementary school gym class muddying our perception of athleticism. The trick is to find what works for you… you may hate cardio, but yoga feels right. Or alternatively, maybe you only like to sit still when you’ve got a fresh new hardcover in hand, and Zumba is your jam. Whatever it is, being an active library lover sets you up to live your best life- exercise can clear away the brain fog of overthinking and shake off the rigidity of having spent all day at a desk.

   I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor and certified Zumba instructor. I’m also working on my yoga certification, with concentrations in hatha, yin, and adaptive styles. I’d love to work with you! My YouTube page is under construction, but check back soon for fitness videos with a bookish tilt. Additionally, you can watch my official Zumba instructor page for info on upcoming virtual classes.

   In the meantime, take the poll below to let me know what sort of fitness you’re into. If it isn’t one  of the poll options, be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you like to be active!

Here are some of my favorite fitness resources:

Zumba! Zumba is an aerobic dance workout based on Latin music rhythms. Their tagline is that it’s a party, not a workout and it sure is! Zumba strives to be inclusive and has classes for seniors (Zumba Gold), kids (Zumbini & Zumba kids) and more (like Zumba Toning & Aqua Zumba) 

Yoga International This group has great content and is so worth the $14.99/month. Be sure to sign up through the app for a 30-day free trial. My favorite instructors are Dianne Bondy and Ellen Mosko for their body-positive and easy to follow classes. 

The Be.Come Project Bethany C. Meyers is magic. There’s just no other word for this human. Their body-neutral, totally inclusive, at-home workout program is a dream for anyone who likes easy-to-follow, often flowing, simple movement set to a mix of current music. While the $35/month pricetag seems a little high for those used to free workouts, Bethany reminds that it’s a similar price comparison to taking their in-person class, but from the comfort of home. Trade offs. 

Looking for helpful information on fueling all these active pursuits? Check out the following:

MyPlate This is the United States Government Department of Agriculture healthy eating resource. While nothing can replace a consult with a doctor or certified nutritionist, the MyPlate website is an excellent tool to help you understand the food on your plate. I’m a big fan of the menu page, as it has sample menus for meal planning including special “on a budget” options.


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